AEG Presents All Points East Festival

A creative website for London’s best new music festival, designed and built to deliver an optimised user experience.

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The Challenge

  • AEG Presents has established All Points East (APE) as an exciting music festival taking place in the heart of East London.
  • While the festival was a huge success, its series of events beyond the headliner weekend itself was a source of confusion. The structure of the 10-day programme wasn’t communicated clearly, and this was exacerbated by a confusing website.
  • AEG asked us to design and build a site that clearly communicated the festival’s offering and captured the spirit and personality of the event itself.
  • From big headline announcements, to the release tickets and subsequent traffic spikes, the website needed to be flexible and technically robust enough to cope with different challenges throughout the year.

The Solution

  • Our discovery phase saw us research best practice festival websites and take an extensive audit of the current APE site to determine the issues users had with it.
  • We examined the existing UX and decided a new and improved information architecture was required — one with clear and defined user journeys.
  • From there we moved through a rapid wireframing and prototyping phase, and eventually into an initial build with a CMS that was flexible enough to work within the phased approach of the project.
  • Working on the visual design, we took APE’s branding and brought it to life in a digital environment. A series of animated elements infuse the website with a sense of personality that the previous site lacked.
  • Throughout the project our team of designers and developers worked closely together. This helped us successfully navigate the technical difficulties posed by festival websites without sacrificing any of the important design elements.

The Results

  • The site launched with the announcement of The Chemical Brothers and continues to evolve as more announcements are made and the festival draws closer.
  • Explore the All Points East website at
All Points East festival website design and build by Human After All design agency

All Points East festival website on desktop and mobile

All Points East festival website design on mobile

All Points East festival website design on desktop

All Points East festival website homepage design

All Points East festival website design on mobile device

All Points East festival logo

All Points East festival website design on desktop and mobile devices

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