International Alert Brand Identity

Rebranding one of the world’s most inspiring, impactful peacebuilding organisations.

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“We are absolutely delighted with our new brand positioning – our new logo and strapline perfectly encapsulate our message. Human After All were an excellent partner, always patient, never imposing.”

Harriet Lamb, CEO, International Alert

The Challenge

  • With three decades’ experience in peacebuilding, International Alert has unrivalled expertise in resolving conflicts across the globe.
  • But too often, Alert was seen as a research-focused think-tank rather than a dynamic peacebuilder creating real impact.
  • With a 30-year anniversary, a fresh five-year strategy and a new high-profile CEO, Alert asked us to help them reposition its brand to better represent the organisation, what it stands for and what it does.

The Solution

  • We ran a Brand Essence workshop with the International Alert team, including their global CEO and COO, to explore International Alert’s brand purpose, position and personality.
  • What emerged was a powerful idea, ‘Everyday peace’, that turned a faraway, naive ideal into something tangible, possible and inspiring.
  • We used these learnings to form the basis of Alert’s new identity, helping us to create a brand narrative, brand pillars and tagline: “Peace is within our power.”
  • For the new logo, we used an ‘open sun’ to symbolise Alert’s Brand Essence with richness and simplicity.
  • This imperfect circle - which changes subtly with every use - suggests an imperfect world, but one that’s wide open with warmth, hope and possibility.
  • We designed this main logomark as a dynamic canvas for other brand symbols, evoking Alert’s collaborative strategy and its core belief.
  • The main icon combines a classic image of peace with a very human element. The open hand, inviting peaceful collaboration. The dove, representing hope and possibility.
  • The logo sat at the centre of a smart graphic system that conveyed International Alert’s values to multiple audiences.
  • We developed this simple, flexible toolkit of brand assets to flourish within demanding contexts and impact powerfully in any offline or online space.

The Results

International Alert brand identity by Human After All design agency

International Alert brand essence

International Alert brand identity tagline

International Alert branding on business cards

International Alert peacebuilding NGO rebrand

International Alert website on mobile

Spreads from the International Alert anniversary booklet - image 1

Spreads from the International Alert anniversary booklet - image 2

Spreads from the International Alert anniversary booklet - image 3

Spreads from the International Alert anniversary booklet - image 4

Spreads from the International Alert anniversary booklet - image 5

International Alert Talking Peace Festival branding on a tote bag

International Alert hand of peace logo

International Alert brand identity photo treatment

International Alert website design

International Alert brand essence discovery workshop

International Alert brand essence quote

International Alert brand guidelines

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